Attention all participants of the Hibiya Oedo Matsuri Festival.

The recommended festival costume for participants

First time attendees and beginners of the Japanese cultural festival. If you take part,  make it look cool and stylish. Here is advice for beginners. Even if you do not have a festival costume, let's carry a portable shrine in a more enjoyable and pleasant way.


*Tenugui (commemorative official hand towel) will be presented in the official registration and that will be as an  "registration permit ". Please wear it when you participate in the Festival Parade.


*Stringing of festival floats, Awa Dance participants ' costumes are free. Join us in a safe, easy-to-move outfit.

HIBIYA OEDO MATSURI 2019, OMATSURI Parade, The recommended festival costume for participants

Attention and requests.

■We recommend that please remove accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and rings while carrying Mikoshi. May be damaged or lost.

■It will be cancelled if it is judged that it is difficult to operate due to bad weather. In that case, this situation will be announced on the official website (SNS, etc.)

■Be sure to follow the safety staff's instructions during the parade excursion. If you do not follow the instructions, you may be asked to leave.

■Everyone who participates in the rules and manners will have a pleasant parade. Thank you for your cooperation.


※It is not possible to participate in the non-wearing of upper body clothing (half-naked) or tattoos.
※Not allowed to participate in drunken people.

※According to Tokyo City Anti-organized Crime Low; participation of antisocial groups, gangs will be refused in advance.

Festival Parade Schedule


◆July 26(fri) 5:30pm〜 ②7:20pm〜   ※Mikoshi only on July 26th

July 27(sat) ①11:00am〜 ②2:00pm〜 ③5:00pm〜

July 28(sun) ①11:00am〜 ②2:00pm〜 ③5:00pm〜


The time table may change due to circumstances such as weather or progress. Please understand it beforehand.


※early so that you will be able to complete. The reception at the venue will close in about two hours.


Pre-registration for Festival Parade

Let's go and join the MATSURI !*Registration will be accepted at the venue


HIBIYA OEDO MATSURI 2019 Timetable & Area map

日比谷大江戸まつり,   HIBIYA OEDO MATSURI 2019, TIMETABLE&AREA MAP, タイムテーブル, エリアマップ

◆Attention to heatstroke! summer in japan is hot and humid

Attention to heatstroke! summer in japan is hot and humid


We support the Hibiya Oedo Matsuri.

日比谷大江戸まつり, 協賛, キリンビール株式会社

Kirin Brewery Company, Limited

日比谷大江戸まつり, 協賛, Cygames

Cygames, Inc,

日比谷大江戸まつり, 協賛, 丸五

Marugo Company Inc.

日比谷大江戸まつり, 協賛, 生活協同組合パルシステム


Consumers' Co-operative Union

日比谷大江戸まつり, 協賛, 信越空調株式会社

Shinetsu air conditioning inc.


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