The power of “wa” found in matsuri 04
祭りで出会う、和のチカラ。 04

In old days, the common call used when carrying palanquins in Tokyo was "essa, essa", which was famous as "Edo-mae katsugi". But these days, the call is mostly replaced with "oisa", "seiya" or "soiya". The change may have something to do with attempts of palanquin clubs to remove local territorialities and promote palanquin carrying widely. At one point of time, young people averse to old customs walked away from festivals, which caused a shortage of palanquin carriers. This was when a number of palanquin groups were formed, which took part in festivals as "helping hands" to carry palanquins and enjoy festivals. These groups have young females and small children and the children are taught by unrelated adults rules and customs necessary to carry palanquins properly. If they violate "the big no-no" of getting on the palanquin without permission, they will be socked without further words.


This way, they will learn by themselves how to get along in the adult society, then to respect the seniors and deepen their understanding of local cultures. It may be rightly said that the popularity of palanquin groups is supported by a virtuous circle in which festivals help re-create bonds of people in Tokyo where good attributes of local communities tend to be fading, and such bonds, in turn, attract young people and females.

When taking part in festivals, you can follow traditions or you can try new ways of participation. How to enjoy festivals differs from people to people but it seems certain that festivals themselves will be passed on to future generations.

〈KANDA MATSURI Festival〉Kanda, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈KANDA MATSURI Festival〉Kanda, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈SANJA MATSURI Festival〉Asakusa, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈SANJA MATSURI Festival〉Asakusa, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on

〈KANDA MATSURI Festival〉Kanda, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈KANDA MATSURI Festival〉Kanda, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈TORIGOE Shrine Festival〉Kuramae, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈TORIGOE Shrine Festival〉Kuramae, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on








〈TORIGOE Shrine Festival〉Kuramae, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈TORIGOE Shrine Festival〉Kuramae, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈SANJA MATSURI Festival〉Asakusa, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈SANJA MATSURI Festival〉Asakusa, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on

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Matsuri costume Han-ten Collection



 Movie of the 'TORIGOE' shrine festival.

Kuramae, Taito, TOKYO〉

Japan National Tourism Organization





お祭りポスターギャラリー > 第628回 岩村田祇園祭:森の角っこさん/第71回 みたままつり:二郎さん/第26回 森下朝顔市:JPさん/佐原の大祭 夏祭り:いち屋さん/2017 まつりつくば:NaoIchiさん



お祭り投稿写真 > みこしコラボレーション: 眞正會さん



お祭り投稿写真 > 伊勢佐木みこしコラボレーション: てっぽうさん



お祭り投稿写真 > 鳥越まつり: 仙人さん、鳥越のさほさん



お祭り投稿写真 > 浦安三社(陰祭り) 猫実四丁目町会:NaoIchiさん

'on お祭りフォトギャラリー つきじ獅子祭  2017年6月11日 



malicoのお祭りはじめて体験記 Episode.9 お祭りの中心に自分が参加できている!?

お祭りポスターギャラリー > 富岡八幡宮例大祭: トッキーさん



'on BLOG > 署名のご協力、誠にありがとうございます。2020五輪神輿【署名活動】

お祭り投稿写真 > 鳥越まつり:NaoIchiさん、仙人さん



お祭り投稿写真 > 矢先稲荷神社例大祭:サゴ☆さん/猫実四丁目町会祭礼:てっぽうさん

お祭りポスターギャラリー > 墨田区民納涼民踊大会: kohtomoさん/第70回 沼津夏まつり/第36回 神輿渡御:神輿コブさん



お祭り投稿写真 > つきじ獅子祭り:築地さん/鳥越祭宵宮 阿部川町会渡御:まっさん



malicoのお祭りはじめて体験記 Episode.8 YOUTUBEを見ていても、イメトレしても分からない。担ぎ方は現場で覚えるのだ!

お祭り投稿写真 > :鳥越祭:眞正會さん

お祭りグループ・ポートレート > :鳥越祭:眞正會さん



お祭り投稿写真 > 荏原神社例大祭  海中渡御:◯喜会さん

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