Feel the Rising Fever of Traditional “Matsuri” 01

祭りに夢中 01

The enormous power and energy of the local people is gathered and incorporated, an extraordinarily exciting and uplifting feeling is created for the "Matsuri".Although traditions and conventions are inherited for generations through "Matsuri", irrespective of age or sex, everyone can truly enjoy the "Matsuri" atmosphere.  Once you are addicted to the charm of "Matsuri" festivals, you are already in love with the strong beat of festival songs and the calls of the miniature shrine carriers.

"Edokko", the true-born Tokyoite, loves fires, fights and festivals.


 For the "Edokko", "Matsuri"  definitely existed since they were born.  We asked one of the "Matsuri" lovers what makes "Matsuri" so attractive to his life.  He says I can meet many people by participating in "Matsuri".  I can make new friends every time I join a "Matsuri".  Sometimes, I have a reunion with a friend I met at one of the "Matsuri"s before this "Matsuri".  We just have a common "Matsuri" lovers conversation and share the feeling of enjoying the "Matsuri" together.  We were closely united because of the "Matsuri" before I knew it.  Even without exchanging a word, they can share their sense of unity by carrying the same miniature shrine and feeling a sense of togetherness coming from the "Matsuri".  The "Society" built by the "Matsuri" is certainly functioning here, which is easily forgotten by modern society which respects more to the "Individual".  "Matsuri" can consist of people with various roles.  They are the miniature shrine carriers, "Matsuri" organizers, security guards, fast food stall operators, and more.  All these people are united through a "Matsuri" and the association is extended to a wide circle of people. Through their affinity as "Matsuri" lovers, they all have a common sense of courtesy.  Whenever they visit the other regional festivals, they will bring a bottle of "Sake" as the hospitality gift and greet the local people with self-introduction as a visitor. They all know this courtesy greeting is very important to build a "Matsuri" society between the locals and the visitors.






 そんな大人の姿を見て育ったから、 自分が仲間のひとりとして祭りに初参加できた時の想いは格別のようだ。街の一員となれた、大人として認めてもらえた、初めての締め込み(フンドシ)で心まで引き締まった…など、成人としての通過儀式に似た趣がある。同じ目的を持った仲間とひとつの神輿を担ぎ、日常では感じることのできない高揚感と一体感に生きることの実感を味わう。なかには「祭りの1日を全力で楽しむために、残りの1年間がある」という熱烈な声も。彼らにとって祭りは準備の段階からすでに始まっており、無事に祭りの日を終えるとすぐに来年の祭りについて考え始める。まさに祭りのために生きているようなものだ。

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 日本政府観光局, JINTO



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