The power of “wa” found in matsuri 02
祭りで出会う、和のチカラ。 02

There are more than 300 festivals in Tokyo.

A year has 365 days and a simple calculation will show that festivals are held in six days a week. It is not an exaggeration to say that there is always a festival held somewhere in Tokyo. Furthermore, in recent years such new festivals and events adopting new cultures and customs as Tokyo Marathon, Halloween and Yosakoi Festival have been added one after another to the lineup.


You would not find other cities in the world that have so many festivals as Tokyo. This issue of our magazine highlights traditional festivals of Tokyo.


Festivals that have been passed on from generation to generation for more than a few hundred years since the period when Tokyo was called "Edo" are packed with hints to know Japan more deeply.


Just waiting would not bring you encounters with festivals. Let's go out to a section of the city where you can find a festival.

〈KANDA MATSURI Festival〉Kanda, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈KANDA MATSURI Festival〉Kanda, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈TORIGOE Shrine Festival〉Kuramae, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈TORIGOE Shrine Festival〉Kuramae, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on

 〈TORIGOE Shrine Festival〉Kuramae, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈TORIGOE Shrine Festival〉Kuramae, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈USHIJIMA Shrine Festival〉Mukojima, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈USHIJIMA Shrine Festival〉Mukojima, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on













 Movie of the 'KARASUMORI' shrine festival.

Shinbashi, TOKYO〉

Japan National Tourism Organization

NPO法人 日本お祭り推進協会リアルジャパン'オンは日本の祭りを応援します。

東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピック, TOKYO2020,





お祭り投稿写真 > 秩父夜祭in令和:茅ヶ崎のジュン坊さん

【特集】投稿写真で今年の祭りを振り返る > ユーザー投稿: 4月のお祭り



お祭り投稿写真 > 横須賀神輿パレード:水島 朋子さん 

【特集】投稿写真で今年の祭りを振り返る > ユーザー投稿: 3月のお祭り



【特集】投稿写真で今年の祭りを振り返る > ユーザー投稿: 1月,2月のお祭り




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Specified Not-Profit Corporation

Japan Festival Promotion Committee

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