The power of "wa" found in matsuri 01

Heiwa(peace), chouwa(harmony), nyuwa(gentleness) and so on…. As can be noted from these words, "wa" is, to a large extent, associated with positive thoughts.

Namely, the spirits contained in the word are strong bonds linking people and peace of mind. It is "matsuri" where such potential energy of "wa" is fully charged and then discharged in the form of great power.

The original form of "matsuri" was "matsurau", to mean to follow deities' wishes. Put differently, in the past it meant rituals and holy events to enshrine sacred spirits but these days the word has a broader meaning that includes formal functions, rites and feasts. In addition, ceremonies, festivals, events and such where many people of different generations get together, cross-fertilize and strengthen the sense of unity may be called "matsuri".

"real Japan on" intends to focus on the places and events where the power of "wa" concentrates and to share with our readers its appeals.


〈SANJA MATSURI Festival〉Asakusa, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on
〈SANJA MATSURI Festival〉Asakusa, TOKYO ⓒreal Japan 'on






  『リアルジャパン 'オン』ではそんな和の力が集結する場にフォーカスを合わせ、その魅力をみなさんと共に感じていきたい。



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東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピック, TOKYO2020,





お祭りポスターギャラリー  > 江澤 正敏さん: 2020かつうらビッグひな祭り

お祭り投稿写真  > 山口 英則さん:第36回たかはた冬まつり、滝沢山車まつり



お祭りポスターギャラリー  > わたなべさん: 下北沢 天狗まつり



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